Monday, 23 October 2017
Consular Services at the Embassy Related to Certifying Private Documents Print E-mail

Authentication of dates, content and signatures on private documents

Article 84 of the Notaries and Notarial Activity Act empowers all Bulgarian diplomatic and consular representations abroad to authenticate the dates, content and signatures on private documents that are not subject to entry in a register. The Consular Section does not have the power to issue notary deeds or verify other private documents that are subject to entry in a register (e.g. statements of claim or contracts for motor vehicle transfer). As per the Notaries and Notarial Activity Act, the Consular Section verifies the date, content and signatures on private documents, only if they are written by Bulgarian citizens who are able to submit a Bulgarian proof of identity valid outside Bulgaria (passport). Submitting a Bulgarian ID card or a Bulgarian driving license is not acceptable, as these are proof of identity only valid inside Bulgaria. Submitting another country’s proof of identity is unacceptable and results in the Consular Section’s refusal to verify the documents.

Verifying copies of original documents. Wills.

The Consular Section verifies the authenticity of copies, transcripts and excerpts from documents submitted by Bulgarian citizens. The documents submitted for verification must have been issued by a Bulgarian agency. To have their copies, etc. verified, the applicants should submit them together with the original documents. Consular officials are also empowered to draw up notary wills for Bulgarian citizens.

Verification of translators’ signatures

The Bulgarian Embassy does not provide translation services to the public. It can only verify the signatures of certified freelance translators who have been approved and registered with the Consular Section. Their names and contact details are obtainable from the Consular Section as well as from the Embassy’s website. Signatures of translators other than those registered with the Consular Section cannot be verified.

Issuance fees for applications and documents

Application for tracking down, ascertaining and coming into possession of a legacy abroad - £ 38

Application for tracking down a Bulgarian citizen or a foreigner living in Bulgaria - £ 15

Application for marriage - £ 8

Application for the issuance of a verified copy of a Birth Certificate/Marriage Certificate - £ 15

Application for obtaining or restoring Bulgarian citizenship - £ 38

Application for relinquishing Bulgarian citizenship - £ 38

Certificate for Bulgarian citizenship - £ 38

Issuance of a certificate, an official note, etc. - £ 4

Handling applications for the issuance of nautical protest deeds, temporary certificates for sailing under Bulgarian flag and other procedures for which fees are chargeable under Tariff № 5 concerning the dues payable within the system of the Ministry of Transport and Communications, adopted by Ordinance № 316 of the Council of Ministers in 1994 - £ 20

Issuance fees for authentication of signatures and stamps
Authentication of signatures and stamps on documents and other papers issued by Bulgarian establishments - £ 13

Authentication of signatures and seals on documents and other papers issued by foreign agencies or foreign diplomatic/consular representations - £ 15

Authentication of signatures on private documents (e.g. powers of attorney, invitations, declarations, etc.) - £ 13

Authentication of a translator’s signature on documents and other papers - £ 11

Note that under Article 6 of Tariff № 3 concerning the consular services within the system of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as per the Public Dues Act, a surcharge of 50% applies to all consular service fees, if at the request of а citizen or а legal entity the service is performed within 8 working hours, 100% if the request is performed within 4 working hours.

 Consular Section charges a £1 administrative fee for every 1-10 photocopies of documents.