Sunday, 22 October 2017
Registering in Bulgaria a Child Born in the UK Print E-mail
If the mother is a Bulgarian citizen, a new-born child must be registered with the municipality of residence of his/her mother within six months after birth. If only the father is a Bulgarian citizen, the child must be registered at the father’s residence address in Bulgaria.

The document required for registration is the birth certificate (form containing the parents’ names), legalized at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office at the following address:

The Legalization Office, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Old Admiralty Building, Whitehall, London SW1A 2LG; tel.: 020 7008 1111; fax: 020 7008 1010; Web: .

The legalized birth certificate should be translated into Bulgarian. This can be done by a licensed company in Bulgaria or by any of the certified translators registered with the Embassy in London. If the translation is made by a certified translator in London, it should be certified together with the original paper at the Consular Section of the Embassy.

After this is done, the certificate should be sent to one of the parents’ municipalities of residence in Bulgaria. The child is then registered and issued with a Bulgarian birth certificate containing a Personal Identity Number (PIN). The UK birth certificate is kept on record by the municipal authorities in Bulgaria.

The child’s registration in Bulgaria can also be done by a representative authorized by the parents and backed by a power of attorney, certified at the Embassy’s Consular Section.

It is recommended that the parents request and hold two originals of the English birth certificate.