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27 July 2009

These are the main objectives of the Government of GERB (Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria) Political Party:

1. To raise the income of the Bulgarian citizens, to achieve economic growth and a modernisation of the Bulgarian economy.
From the first day on we shall work actively to guarantee and maintain financial stability, restrict budgetary expenses, put an end to the plundering of public funds, preserve old and create new jobs. In the long term we shall strive to set up conditions conducive to the development of Bulgarian businesses, and to attract investments. Modernisation of the Bulgarian economy will be achieved through restoring and expanding the traditional economic sectors, agriculture and tourism; by accelerating the reconstruction of the transport infrastructure; and by introducing new technologies in all sectors.
2. To guarantee law and order in the country, combat crime and curb corruption.
Above all, we shall strive to free the Bulgarian citizens from the snares of crime and corruption, which are effective where the administration fails to abide by the rules. Parallel to this, we shall create conditions conducive to curbing corruption on all levels of public governance, and eliminate the links between organized crime and public authorities. The fight against corruption is a major and long-term priority of our Government.  We therefore declare our clear political commitment to achieve this goal. Despite the existing difficulties and the accumulated negative practices in society and administration, personal responsibility and discipline will be demanded from all members of Government, as well as from all civil servants and public figures.
3. To reform and improve the work of the judicial system, to restore justice in society.
The Bulgarian society will trust us and support our efforts only if it is confident that we have guaranteed just solutions of the problems in every field and on every level of public life. The first step in this direction shall involve far-reaching and tangible changes in the work of the Judiciary. This is a priority in which we shall comply with the recommendations of the European Commission’s report. We shall work to update the legal framework, to stop the delays in court sentences and to enhance responsibility.
4. To restore the trust of our EU partners in the country and unfreeze the suspended EU funds.
Without EU funds we cannot quickly overcome the crisis, and restore economy and the life of the Bulgarians. We shall therefore take clearly-defined political steps, and shall introduce transparent, honest and active measures for a fair distribution and efficient use of European funds for the economic and social development of the country.
5. To improve the social security of the Bulgarian citizens, to create a favourable and healthy living environment, to guarantee individual and public health.
We shall achieve this objective by:

  • an active social policy and incentives for the professional activities of the citizens;
  • stability of the pension system and its reform aiming at a sustainable raise of pensions;
  • structural improvement of health insurance and protection of health system;
  • encouraging physical education for all citizens and promotion of sports, with the aim of attaining a substantial national sports record;
  • protecting the environment and the waters in Bulgaria.

6. To develop the nation’s human potential and create conditions for the success for each and every citizen.
We have the ambition and the will to guarantee:

  • up-to-date European education for the children and young people;
  • conditions for modern high-level development of Bulgarian science and scientific research;r
  • revival in contemporary Bulgarian culture;
  • safeguarding and popularising of the national cultural and historical heritage.

7. To make the country a major factor for the stability in the region and the world, and a respected EU Member State.
Maintaining and developing the partnership with NATO and the EU constitute the basis of this priority. It will guarantee sustainable development of the Bulgarian nation, reliable safeguarding of the freedoms and interests of the Bulgarian citizens, peace and security in the Balkans and the Black Sea region.
In order to achieve results and enhance the effectiveness and success of our governance, we shall complete the administrative reform and shall work continuously to improve the administrative capacity of the state administration, by transferring the responsibilities directly to the Council of Ministers.

In the conditions of demographic crisis, we shall make special efforts to seek the support of all Bulgarian citizens to the mission of the European development of Bulgaria. This involves the people living in the country, regardless of their religion, ethnicity and political affiliations. For the Bulgarians living beyond the borders we shall adopt a policy enabling them to become part of the new processes in the country and to preserve their national identity, culture and their pride in them.
We are embarking on an uphill path. The next months and days will be a challenge not only for the government but for the majority of the Bulgarians as well. However, we shall not hesitate to stand for our principles of governance.
We declare that we shall govern on the basis of:

  • maintaining a fair attitude to all citizens while being highly critical to ourselves;
  • maintaining the principle of openness and transparency in every step that we take;
  • rejection of corruption and of unlawful links to hidden economic, political and other interests;
  • perseverance and consistency until achieving the targeted results;
  • dialogue with the society and civil organizations;
  • responsibility to the Bulgarian citizens and institutions, and to the history of Bulgaria.