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1-5 June 2011


Paintings by the Bulgarian artist Pancho Malezanov

Official opening: Wednesday, 1 June 2011, 7 pm - 9 pm
The exhibition continues till 5 June 2011

Sofia Gallery
Bulgarian Embassy
186 - 188 Queen's Gate
London SW7 5HL

16 June - 22 June


Bulgaria in Our Eyes
Works by students at the University of East London

Official opening: Thursday, 16 June 2011, 7 pm - 9 pm
The exhibition continues till 22 June 2011

Sofia Gallery
Bulgarian Embassy
186 - 188 Queen's Gate
London SW7 5HL

28 June 2011

Literature and Music Evening

Presentation of two newly released books, “Epicheski Poemi” of Boiko Yordanov Badev and “Poputno” of Yordan Hadzhiev, with music accompaniment by D. Gamalova

Boiko Yordanov Badev, the son of the distinguished, and murdered, journalist Yordan Badev, was victim of the genocide of whole families of intellectuals, who were executed or subjected to repression because they did not share the communist’s aesthetics. Following his father’s death Boyko underwent investigation and imprisonment. He was expelled as a student of medicine, i.e. was never allowed to graduate from the medical school and all his life he worked as a labourer. Nonetheless, Boyko Badev grew up developing a remarkable erudition and talent. He wrote numerous poems, articles and essays fascinating the reader with his exceptional wisdom and supreme esthetical, ethical and philosophical views dressed in a highly mastery language. As a result of his “unfavourable descent” he never has been published (except some articles about his father after 1991). The set “Epic poems” is a selection of his works and is published now for the first time.
Yordan Hadzhiev is a well known Bulgarian writer and lawyer based in the international capital of humour – Gabrovo. This is probably not by chance as he is one of our most original and witty authors whose books are full of humour and ingenious irony. Despite the strict censorship of the Iron Age and his non-party affiliation his books were published both before and after the fall of the dictatorship in Bulgaria. Of course this would have certainly not been the case with ‘Poputno’ (“On the way”) which describes a journey of cultural representatives to Soviet Union and is an ironical and outspoken description of the painful farce of that time.
Hadzhiev received numerous literature awards one of which was the prestigious Price for best book of prose for 2005 from the Union of the Bulgarian Writers. The journal of the Union “Slovoto dnes” describes his works as “joy for the soul”.

The presentation will be conducted by the violinist and researcher Dr. Devorina Gamalova and accompanied with some popular classical violin pieces. 

7 pm
Bulgarian Embassy
186-188 Queen's Gate
London SW7 5HL

until 11 September 2011

Traditional Jewellery and dress from the Balkans

The British Museum
Room 2  Free

Dress and jewellery across the Balkans played a major role in society, as indicators of identity and protection for the wearer. The objects, which date from the late 19th or early 20th century, come from Bulgaria, the countries of the former Yugoslavia, Albania and northern Greece.

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